7. Jan 2007

I added the Mobile TV video to the projects page.

This video was produced together with James for the Emergent Technologies module at Brunel University in the middle of 2006. It covers in a humorus way the various aspects of Mobile TV.

You'll find this clip in the 2006 project list.

12. September 2006

Updated my contact details.

17. Feb 2006

Finally, I had the time to update my web site. You can watch my Show Reel, covering work that was produced during my work placement at BSkyB during 2004 and 2005.

However, I also added a short 3D Animation, called "The Moody Toy", which I produced this January for my 3D module at University.

23. May 2004

The recently finished 3D-Project is online. It is called 'The secret Project of Tower D' and is based on a building at Brunel University. You can find it in the Projects section.

20. May 2004

The High scores aren't working currently due to a change in my SQL Database, this should be fixed soon. The games however, still work.

1. May 2004

Before I build it in more nicely you can access the old Intro from here.

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The unwise man is awake all night,
and ponders everything over;
when morning comes he is weary in mind,
and all is a burden as ever.