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2004 Projects & Work

Tower D . Photo Gallery . Crow Rock (Music Video)

"The Secret Project of Tower D"

The secret Project of Tower D and is based on a building at Brunel University. The movie was mainly aimed at representing the building but it ended up being a one minute mysterious short-film.

The building was entirely modelled in 3D Studio Max 6. The trees were modelled using the Bionatics Plugin. Two of the closer trees represent full polygon models, the rest are simple five sided billboard models.

90% of the maps are based on original photographs, which were taken for this project. The movie was rendered with skylight and ray tracer on a 200 ray sample. Finally, everything came together in Premiere, where some strobe and grain effects had been applied.

Quicktime Video

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Tower D Preview 1
Tower D Preview 2
Tower D Preview 3
Tower D Preview 4
Tower D Preview 5
Tower D Preview 6
Tower D Preview 7
Tower D Preview 8