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2004 Projects & Work

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"The Moody Toy"

Created for my 3D module at Brunel University. The brief requested the exploration of a bouncy ball, a camera move through a maze and the use of light and shadow.


The Moody Toy is a humorous animation in three acts in which the cute monster, Gummifeuer, meets the Moody Ball. The ball is a little traumatized from its previous owner and likes to play games a little different.

Gummifeuer in spite of this knows exactly what he wants and does not agree to Moody Ball's unconventional gaming methods; he even chases Moody Ball through his magical 141/4 floors flat.

However, during Gummifeuer's exhausting pursue of the Moody Ball he discovers a mysterious room in his magical house that he had never seen before. A room illuminated with beautiful and colourful lights that look so breathtaking that even Moody Ball and Gummifeuer forget for a short time about their differences.

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The Moody Toy 1
The Moody Toy 2
The Moody Toy 3
The Moody Toy 4