Key Points

Name: Marco Wehe

YOB: 1982

Location: London, UK

Occupation: Visual Effects Freelancer (Specialised in XSI)

A Short Biography

I was born in 1982 in Germany and grew up in Zierenberg, near the Documenta-Town of Kassel. I came to the UK in 2001, and initially worked as a full-time volunteer for Barnardo's in London . I helped the Children's Charity for 13 month as an alternative to serving in the German army. The time with Barnardo's was extremely rewarding. At the same time, I improved my English and was able to start an undergraduate ‘Multimedia, Technology and Design' course at the London based Brunel University in 2002.

As time seems to pass relatively quickly, I am now completing the final year of my Degree at Brunel University.

Between 2004 and 2005, I have undertaken a work placement for 11 Month at British Sky Broadcasting's 3D department in London.

During this period, I have improved and gained various 3D animation, modelling, and texturing skills. Work examples can be seen in my 2005 Show Reel.

The aim for my final year project is it to improve these skills and push my current level of expertise further and into new realms. I have given myself various tasks, ranging from animation to photo realistic texturing. As soon as possible, I will publish these artefacts on my web site.

Ever since my challenging work experience at Sky ended, I have been continuing to look for Freelance work as a XSI generalist. I am never afraid of confronting a new project because, with every new project comes new challenges.