Flash Games

While learning Macromedia's Flash (MX and 2004) I developed some little Flash games on the way. Some of them are very simple and others even use a simple AI (see XOX). Many of them use a PHP script to enter the score into a MySQL database.

Crazy-Word-Invention Machine

Ideal for the invention of product or character names. By clicking on the letters you can create random words or change them until something comes up that is useful. Often it creates words one simply doesn't think of, or it just gives a nice starting point for a new word.

Hase Kleopatra - Bunny Cleo v1.1

In this game you will have to help bunny Cleo to catch as many good carrots as possible, just use the arrow keys to navigate. Also including a online high score list.

Tic Tac Toe - with AI v1.3

The good old classic with funky sounds. Play the 'hot-seat' version against a friend or compete with the computer.

Alien Rock Swing Shock v1.3

You will navigate an alien space ship with your mouse. Collect as many of the lost pets as possible but watch the rocks. Including online high score list!

Kartoffelmann v1.0

The famous Mr. Potato Head in flash.

Do you like my Games?

If you have ideas or comments about my games; or you would like to use them for some reason, just email me and I see what I can do.


Flash Animation

Lesson Uno: Relax

On my Dudeism page you can watch a one minute flash animation, which I have created in 2003.