My Favourite Links

Here is a little collection of my favourite sites in the free electrical see.

Never Mind The Bongos

This is the web site of an awesome band from london!

David Carson

Everybody who is into Graphic Design will know him!

SWR1 Baden-Württemberg

My favourite radio station. Very informative talks and interviews and they always play my favourite songs.

NASA Astronomy Pictures

The url is a little bit hidden but it is worth looking for it because you will see every day an interesting picture!


Great site for everybody who want to get into CSS box design. It helped me a lot.


A concert performed entirely through the ringing of the audience's mobile phones. Crazy, cool, interesting!


If Google is too productive, try it in mirror reverse.

My Friends' Sites

Michael Spry

Santanu Vasant

Darren Cullis (XSI Animator)