Web Sites

The Dudeism portal was born during a University Project and is still expanding. The web site is a HTML table design and fully Style Sheeted. Furthermore, it includes a short Flash animation. All the HTML pages are generated (parsed) by PHP from a few templates.

This is the business web site for the German flooring company, "MW-Parkett". The pages are again, parsed with PHP. The HTML design builds up on CSS2 and a Box (div) design. The job also involved the design of the logo type, a range of office documents, and business cards.

Adun Society

This is my current project; it is entire flash page with external content loading to guarantee easy user updates.


Monsterparty was inspired by the "Ärzte" song, which is based on the old children's film “Monsterparty”. It was intended to be a little dynamic website with various admin features. My brother created the drawings for it. To learn PHP in more depth I decided to create the shout-box, news area, etc. from scratch. Due to a lack of time it is currently on hold, but some parts are already working.

I often use forums to receive and provide help. Sometimes I need a tutorial for somebody and I just can't find the right one on the web; when this happens I simply create my own tutorial. Here I have started to collect some of my Flash tutorials on a web site (German only).